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Anna Ticho

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Anna Ticho was born in Austia in 1894. She showed a talent for drawing at a young age, and began her art education in Vienna.


Anna Ticho and her mother emigrated to Jerusalem in 1912, where she settled down with her soon to be husband, an ophthalmologist who also happened to be her first cousin. They remained in Jerusalem until 1917 when they were exiled to Damascus just prior to the British takeover. It was during this time that Anna returned to her art practice after being forced into recovery from contracting a case of typhus.


Ticho and her husband moved back to Jerusalem where they were able establish roots and make a home for themselves. She lived and worked there throughout her life, but was significantly influenced by a visit to cosmopolitan Paris in the 1930s.


Anna Ticho was quintessentially a part of Jerusalem, embodying the vibrancy of the ancient city in her work. The artist even stated about the city in a letter to a friend, “I came to Jerusalem when it was still ‘virgin territory’, with vast, breathtakingly beautiful vistas…I was impressed by the grandeur of the scenery, the bare hills, the large, ancient olives trees, and the cleft slopes… the sense of solitude and eternity.”


The landscapes of the city she describes were treated with an acute skillset honed from her training in Vienna. Her work evoked a special connection between artist and city linking her to an ancient artistic tradition.


After this period Anna Ticho focused on drawing and painting. Many of her most renowned works were studies of the hills of Jerusalem and portraits of friends and local officials. 


The house she lived and worked in was left to the city of Jerusalem, along with the family’s artwork and vast collection of Judaica. The Ticho house is now a part of the Israel Museum.


Anna Ticho received several awards during her career including the Yakir Yerushalayim award, The City of Jersualem art prize of 1965, as well as the Israel prize for painting in 1980.


Anna Ticho died on March 1, 1980. Ticho House operates today as a branch of the Israel Museum, and houses a popular restaurant and cafe.



1906 Private lessons in Painting and Drawing

1909 Vienna Art School, Vienna, Austria


Awards And Prizes

1964 Erest Prize for Painting and Sculpture, Jerusalem

1970 Worthy Citizen of Jerusalem Award, Jerusalem Municipality

1975 Sandberg Prize for Israeli Art, Israel Museum, Jerusalem

1980 Israel Prize for Painting


Museums and Public Galleries

Art Institute of Chicago

Cleveland Museum of Art

Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco

Harvard University Art Museums

Israel Museum, Jerusalem

Museum of Modern Art, New York


Exhibition History

1953 – Passedoit Gallery, New York

1959 – Bezalel national Museum, Jerusalem

1959 – Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam

1962 – Baltimore Art Museum

1962 – Museum of Modern Art, Haifa

1963 – Bezalel National Museum, Jerusalem

1964 – The Art Institute, Chicago

1964 – Boymans van Beuningen Museum, Rotterdam

1967 – Poses Institute of fine Arts, Brandeis University

1968 – The Israel Museum, Jerusalem

1970 – The Jewish Museum, New York

1971 – The Tel Aviv Museum

1972 – Ashmolean Museum, Oxford

1973 – Israel Museum, Jerusalem

1978 – The Israel Museum, Jerusalem “Fifty Years of Drawing”

1978 – The Tel Aviv Museum “Drawings and Photographs”

1981 – The Israel Museum

1982 – Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge

1983 – Ben Uri Art Gallery, London