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Moshe Mokady

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Moshe Mokady was born on June 5th, 1902 in Tarnow, Galicia wit the given name Bradstatter. Between 1914-1920, Mokady lived in Vienna and Zurich and studied painting with Lazar Krestin. He also studied music and the piano. In 1920 the family migrated to Eretz-Israel and settled initially in Haifa, and from 1922-1923 Mokady studied at the Art Academy in Vienna. From 1927-1933, he lived and worked in Paris, and then returned to live in Jerusalem and then in Tel-Aviv.


From 1934-1958 Mokady did stage designs for the Eretz-Israeli theatre numerous productions for the Cameri, Ohel and Habimah theatres. Between 1946-1965, he traveled frequently to Europe and the U.S.A., visiting New York for the first time in 1947. He was first Director on the Art Department of the Ministry of Education and Culture (1950-1952) and first Director of the Avni Institute of Painting and Sculpture in Tel-Aviv (1952-1965). From 1953, Mokady was active in the founding of the first Israeli artists village in Ein Hod. He moved to live there permanently in 1965 and died in September 1975 in Ein Hod after a short illness.


Mokady received various national and international prizes, including the Dizengoff prizes in 1937, 1942,1951. Numerous one-artist exhibitions for him have been held in Israel, Paris, New York, Geneva. The last major retrospective was in 1999 at the Tel-Aviv Museum of Art. Numerous Group Exhibitions were held, among them in Israel, at the Venice Biennale (1952, 1958) World Fair in New York, Metropolitan Museum in New York, Paris, Philadelphia, Pittsburg, Sao Paulo, Montevideo, Toronto, Winnepeg, Vancouver, Johannesburg, London, Los Angeles, Gotesburg, Helsinki, Athens, Washinton D.C.


Awards and Recognition


1935 First Prize, competition for planning the grave of Hayim Nahman Bialik

1937 Dizengoff Prize for Painting and Sculpture

1942 Dizengoff Prize

1950 Award for the best painting, Israeli Artist exhibition, Washington, USA

1951 Dizengoff Prize for Painting and Sculpture, Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Municipality of Tel Aviv-Jaffa

1958 Award from Mr. Mellen, exhibition celebrating the first decade of Israeli art, Safed




1914–20 Vienna and Zurich, art and music

1922–23 Academy of Fine Arts Vienna

1927–33 Paris, art




1933–35 School for Painting and Drawing, Jerusalem

1952–65 Director of Avni Institute, Tel Aviv