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Yehezkel Streichman

Beloosesky Gallery is interested in purchasing paintings or drawings by Yehezkel Streichman. 

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Yehezkal Streichman was born in Kovno, Lithuania in 1906. Streichman emigrated to Palestine to begin his art education at the influential Bezalel Academy of Art and Design. There he would study art and architecture, and continue his studies in Paris and Florence.


It was painting that Streichman would receive the most notoriety and accomplishment for. He became a member of the modernist art group “New Horizons” in the 1940s. This group style was often referred to as lyrical abstraction, with his signature style of applying thick layers of paint in succession with rich vibrant colors.


Yehezkal Streichman taught art throughout his life, starting in the Kibbutz’s in the 1930s and 40s, and then at the Avni Institute in Tel Aviv until 1979.


His style had a profound effect on the younger artists of the day, and was recognized internationally at the Venice Bienneale of 1948, 1954, and 1966.


Streichman received numerous awards during his life, receiving the Dizengoff Prize (1941, 1944, 1954, 1969), the Ramat Gan Prize (1956), The Moadon Milo Prize (1968) The Sandberg Prize for Israeli Art, awarded by the Israel Museum (1974), the Histradrut Prize (1986), and the Israel Prize (1990).


Yehezkal Streichman passed away in 1993 in Tel Aviv, and would have a street in his old neighborhood in Tel Aviv named after him acknowledging his impart of the arts.


Exhibition History

1945 – Tel Aviv Museum

1948 – Participated in 24th Venice Biennale

1953 – Tel Aviv Museum

1954 – 28th Venice Biennale

1955 – 3rd Sao Paulo Biennale

1960 – Tel Aviv Museum

1961 – Israel Gallery, Tel Aviv

1966 – 33rd Venice Biennale

1967 – Beit Yad Labanim Museum

1969 – M. Riebenfeld Gallery, Tel Aviv

1974 – Israel Museum

1974 – Yodfat Gallery

1975 – Tel Aviv Museum

1975 – Beit Uri and Rami Museum

1977 – Mishkan Le-omanut

1977 – Berta Udang Gallery

1979 – M. Riebenfeld Gallery, Tel Aviv

1980 – Haifa Msueum of Modern Art

1980 – Museum of Art, Ein Harod

1980 – Hillel Gallery, Jerusalem

1981 – Neomi Givon Gallery, Tel Aviv

1985 – Mishkenot Sha-ananim, Jerusalem

1986 – The Knesset, Jerusalem

1987 – Israel Museum, Jerusalem

1987 – Givon Gallery, Tel Aviv

1989 – Tel Aviv Museum of Art

1989 – Hecht Museum, Haifa

1990 – Beersheba Museum of Israeli Art, Beersheba

1991 – Tefen Opem Museum, Tefen

1998 – Aharon Kahana House, Ramat Gan



1924-26 Bezalel, Jerusalem

1927 studied architecture in Paris

1928-31 Academy of Art, Florence, Italy

1931-36 Returned to Kovno

1944 Avni Institute, Tel Aviv, painting



1936 Painting in elementary and high schools

1941 Kibbutz Ashdot Yaakov, painting



1941, 1944, 1954, 1969 Dizengoff Prize

1956 Ramat Gan Prize

1968 Moadon Milo Prize

1974 Sandberg Prize for Israeli Art, Israel Museum, Jerusalem

1986 Histadrut Prize

1990 Israel Prize.


Additional Data

1941-44 a member of Kibbutz Ashdot Yaakov

1945-48 Founded "The Studio", Tel Aviv, with Stematsky

1948 One of the founders of "New Horizon" Group

1981 Made an Honorary citizen of Tel Aviv

1992 Honorary President, Association of Artists and Sculptors